Dr Nanthadej Hiranyasthiti

Orthopedic Surgeon, Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

September 01, 2011 | By Medeguy | Who is Medeguy?
Dr Nanthadej Hiranyasthiti

Dr Nanthadej Hiranyasthiti, aka Doctor Golf, is probably not the first guy that comes to mind if you are struggling with your golf game, but maybe he should be.

Dr Nanthadej runs the Doctor Golf Clinic at Bumrungrad International Hospital. An avid golfer himself, Dr Nanthadej is a US-trained orthopedic surgeon, who helps patients with bad swings and bad backs.

Dr Nanthadej says that although golf is not a high-impact sport, it does create a lot of stress on the body, particularly on the joints and lower back. Golfers with back or shoulder pain, he explains, will often adjust their golf swing, and that leads to a vicious cycle of more pain and higher scores.

At the Doctor Golf Clinic, Dr Nanthadej has his patients practice their swings so he can isolate the problem. Part golf coach, part doctor, Dr Nanthadej will recommend adjustments that improve the bio-mechanics of the golf swing, and therapies that help strengthen muscles and stabilize joints.

So next time you are at Bumrungrad and you see someone carrying their golf bag, don’t be surprised.

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