Dr. Low Sze Chuan

General Surgery
Parkway Gleneagles Hospital
Singapore, Singapore
Chinese, English

Conditions Treated

Breast cancer

Procedures Performed

Abdominoperineal excision of rectum, Anal fissure treatments, Appendectomy, Breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy), General surgery


Dr Low has since been involved in managing breast disease at the national level, and was a member of the Singapore Breast Screening Project and Singapore Breast Cancer Registry planning committees. He was Senior Consultant and Head of the Breast Service at Changi General Hospital till 2001. Since 2001, Dr Low has been in private practice dealing solely in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast disease, including breast cancer.

Dr. Low Sze Chuan

Contact this doctor

32 This doctor has 32 years of experience

License Number

03506H, Singapore

Specialist Certifications & Fellowships

General Surgery, Singapore

Post Graduate Clinical Training

Received the Local Merit Scholarship (Medicine) in 1978

Fellowship in General Surgery at FRCS Edinburgh 1988

Received the HMDP Scholarship (Ministry of Health, Singapore) for training in Breast Surgery at the Professorial Unit of Surgery in City Hospital, Nottingham, UK, 1991-1992

Involved in managing breast disease at the national level

Was Senior Consultant and Head of the Breast Service at Changi General Hospital till 2001

Has been in private practice dealing solely in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast disease, including breast cancer , since 2001

Medical School

MBBS at the National University of Singapore in 1983


Was a member of the Singapore Breast Screening Project

Was a member of Singapore Breast Cancer Registry planning committees


Was a recipient of the Local Merit Scholarship (Medicine) in 1978

Was awarded the Alan Edwards Prize for the Best Paper at the 43rd Meeting of the British Association of Surgical Oncology in London, UK (November 1991)

The HMDP Scholarship (Ministry of Health, Singapore) for training in Breast Surgery at the Professorial Unit of Surgery in City Hospital, Nottingham, UK, 1991-1992

Clinic Hours

Please contact to schedule an appointment.

Clinic Address

Parkway Gleneagles Hospital
6A Napier Road
Singapore , 258500

Hospital Details

Parkway Gleneagles Hospital

Gleneagles Hospital is a tertiary acute care hospital which provides a wide range of medical and surgical services for the total management of patients and is highly regarded for clinical expertise in a variety of disciplines. State-of-the-art facilities and medical equipment, as well as the latest communication and information technology, also back the 272-bed hospital facility.

Hospital Data

Hospital type
JCI accreditation
No. of Doctors
No. of beds


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  • Dr Low has been an excellent doctor for the treatment of my wife's breast cancer. I can most wholeheartedly recommend him

    March 29, 2012 | by Steve Casey

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