Dr. Ali Azman Minhaj


Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Subang Jaya, Malaysia
English, Malaysian

Conditions Treated

Asthma, Childhood diseases, Neonatal conditions, Newborn and child illnesses

Dr. Ali Azman Minhaj

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34 This doctor has 34 years of experience

License Number

MMC Registration No. 20720, Malaysia

Specialist Certifications & Fellowships

Royal College of Physicians, United Kingdom, MRCP (Paediatics) UK 1976

Post Graduate Clinical Training

Head of Department, Department of Paediatrics, National University of Malaysia , 1982 - 84

Lecturer in Paediatric Neonatology, Medical Faculty in the National University of Malaysia , 1978 - 82

Neonatal Training, St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1977 - 78

Honorary Senior House Officer in General Paediatrics, The Alder Hey Children Hospital, Liverpool, England, 1976 - 77

MRCP (Paediatics), Member , Royal College of Physicians United Kingdom , 1976

Medical School

MBBS, University of Malaya, Malaysia, 1972


Associate Professor of Paediatrics, National University of Malaysia (UKM), 1982

Developed Medical Curriculum for MSc Pediatric in the National University Malaysia (UKM) Medical Faculty, 1982

WHO Fellow on Medical Education to Newcastle Medical Faculty in New South Wales Australia, 1979

Assistant Secretary, Malaysian Pediatric Association, 1978 - 81

Chairman, Advance Course in Paediatric Neurology conducted in University Kebangsaan Malaysia with the help of the British Council, 1983

Chairman of a working committee to prepare computer requirements in medical practice for the medical faculty, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, 1980


Awarded the APECP Outstanding Pediatrician 2009 -2010 by The Association of Professional Early Childhood Provider Malaysia, 2010

Awarded Johan Setia Diraja (JSD) by The Yang Dipertuan Agong, 1984

Clinic Hours

Day Time Place
Monday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Tuesday 02:00 PM - 06:00PM Ara Damansara Medical Centre
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Thursday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Friday 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre
Saturday 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM Subang Jaya Medical Centre

Clinic Address

Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya
1, Jalan SS 12/1A
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Subang Jaya

Hospital Details

Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya

Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya continues to grow from strength to strength making it a hospital to be reckoned with in the Asia Pacific region., offering a full range of medical and surgical specialties and sub-specialties. Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya’s ten centres of excellence with its team of highly specialised surgical and medical expertise, ably supported by superior medical technology and competent allied healthcare teams provide premier yet affordable medical care. Through the years Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya’s list of accreditation, awards and numerous milestones authenticate its mission of providing a comprehensive customer focused healthcare service which epitomises ethical business and clinical practices.

Hospital Data

Hospital type
JCI accreditation
No. of Doctors
No. of Nurses
No. of beds
No. of Patients Treated Annually
About 1,000,000


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  • He's a good doctor and responsible.

    January 24, 2014 | by Fauziah Ismail
  • He is the best of the best and highly caliber with high degree of commitment towards patient satisfaction. Nobody can replace him, i mean nobody. Bravo Dr. Ali Azman. Keep up the good work forever.

    September 19, 2013 | by halimy
  • He has been a doctor to all of my 4 children. To us he is 1 of the best in his speciality..thank you Dr Ali.

    October 09, 2012 | by Puteri
  • A very and nice doctor. Thank God met him during my daughter warded. TQSM

    January 25, 2012 | by Irnie Hasliza
  • He was my dauhter paed. A very good and friendly doctor. My daughter was warded last week and he treated my daughter until she is truly recover.TQSM. My daughter love him too. Thanks doc and will be seeing him next month for follow up..:)

    January 25, 2012 | by Irnie Hasliza
  • He was my pediatrician and now he's my son's. Wonderful doctor, I have full confidence in him and I love how he handles my son during our visits. InsyaAllah, come 16 Jan 2012, he'll be my daughter's doctor too.

    January 11, 2012 | by Ezrin Harun
  • very good doctor.

    December 28, 2011 | by lyana

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