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What is Medeguide?

Medeguide is an online international doctor directory to help patients find doctors locally and globally. Medeguide is the easy way to search, find, connect and recommend doctors.

What is the difference between Medeguide and other healthcare websites?

We focus on connecting patients and doctors online. Medeguide believes that the patient/doctor relationship is the cornerstone of good healthcare, and that finding the 'right' doctor makes all the difference in the world. Our goal is helping patients find the right doctor for their healthcare needs.

Why use Medeguide instead of a hospital website to find doctors?

Medeguide is a better way to search for doctors because we give you more choices and more information. Using Medeguide, you can search doctors at multiple hospitals by specialty, condition or procedure without having to jump from hospital website to hospital website. We also provide articles by and about doctors; recommendations from other patients, and a scorecard to help you compare doctors.

Is Medeguide free?

Yes. Medeguide is free to the public. You can search, recommend and request appointments with doctors listed on the site free of charge.

Is Medeguide responsible for the information or quality of care provided by doctors and hospitals listed in Medeguide?

Medeguide is not a medical service provider nor do we provide diagnosis, advice or treatment of any kind. Information on this site has been provided by participating hospitals, doctors and 3rd party providers. Medeguide is not responsible or liable for the information or care provided by any of the doctors or hospitals listed on this site. Users of the site are requested to visit the terms and conditions section for more details.

Is "Medeguy Recommends" a paid endorsement?

No. "Medeguy Recommends" is not a paid endorsement. Doctors recommended in this section are selected by Ruben Toral (aka Medeguy) based on personal criteria. For more information, please visit:

How do I search for doctors on Medeguide?

From the main navigation menu, go to “Find Doctors” and choose to search for a doctor by Specialty, by Procedure, by Country or by Hospital or use the doctor finder widget on the upper right hand corner of the home page.

How is the ranking of search results determined?

Doctors are displayed in the search results based on ranking criteria unique to Medeguide. Ranking is based on parameters ranging from number of recommendations to quality and completeness of the doctor’s eCV.

What is an "eCV"?

An eCV is Medeguide’s signature term for “electronic Curriculum Vitae”. It is very common for doctors to have a Curriculum Vitae or "CV" for short that details information about where they studied, trained and work, as well as information about medical societies they belong to and research they have conducted. Normally, a doctor's CV is on paper, but Medeguide has created a better way for doctors to put that information online and share it more people using a format that is easier to read and understand.

What do the icons on a doctor’s eCV stand for?

The icons make up the Medeguide Doctor Scorecard. Comparing doctors is not easy or straightforward. So Medeguide has developed a simple and effective scorecard to help patients evaluate and compare doctors on Medeguide. Our scorecard includes the following data.

  • Years of Experience.This indicates the number of years the doctor has been licensed to practice medicine.
  • Medeguide Verified. This indicates that Medeguide has independently verified the doctors place of work and his medical license.
  • JCI Accredited. This indicates the doctor’s primary place of work is a JCI Accredited hospital or clinic.
  • Board Certified. This indicates that the doctor is board certified and the country of board certification.
  • Recommendations.This indicates the number of positive recommendations the doctor has received from past patients.

What is Board Certification?

Board Certification is the process by which a physician with either a MD, MBChB, MBBS, osteopathic (DO) or dentist (DDS, BChD, BDent, BDS, or DMD), DPM) degree documents by written, practical and/or simulator based testing a mastery of the basic knowledge and skills that define an area of medical specialization.

Board certification is overseen by different agencies and organizations throughout the world. In most cases, these organizations are specific to a particular country and type of physician training. In the United States, three organizations oversee board certification. They are: American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Medical Association (AMA); the American Osteopathic Association Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists (AOABOS) and the American Osteopathic Association; the American Board of Physician Specialties (ABPS) and the American Association of Physician Specialists.

How do I request an appointment with a doctor listed on Medeguide?

Simply go into the doctor’s eCV and click the “Get an Appointment” button below their photo. You will be required to complete a short form and provide preferred dates and times for your appointment. This request will be reviewed by Medeguide first (to prevent spamming), and then sent to the doctor or hospital for follow up.

Is Medeguide responsible for making and confirming the doctor appointment?

No. That is the responsibility of the participating doctor or hospital. However, if you do not receive a response within 48 hours, we encourage you to contact us so that we can follow up with the appropriate doctor or hospital.

What happens if the hospital/doctor does not respond my emails?

Please contact us. We will contact the hospital and confirm receipt of your email and enquire about the reason for the delay.

How do I recommend a doctor?

To recommend a doctor, go into the doctor eCV and click on the "Recommend this Doctor" button. You are required to fill out small form and write your recommendation. By making a recommendation, the user confirms that he/she has been treated by that doctor in the past 24 months and would recommend that doctor to family or friends.

What is the criteria for making a doctor recommendation?

We encourage POSITIVE recommendations from patients that have been treated by the physician themselves. We do vet each recommendation to ensure that it is appropriate and does not contain language that is either offensive or libelous.

What personal details will be displayed when I make recommendation?

Medeguide will display the first name, age, nationality & country of residence of the patient making the recommendation e.g. Susan, 35 years old, British living in Bangkok.

Does Medeguide post negative or paid recommendations?

No. We do not post negative comments because we feel they are unproductive and can be construed as slanderous. We also keep a close eye out for recommendations we feel are fabricated (multiple recommendations from the same person). Medeguide wants and believes that positive recommendations based on real life experience are the way to go.

What does Medeguide do with my personal information?

Medeguide collects and keeps user data to help us better understand who our users are, what they are looking for, and why they are using the site. This information will help us improve the functionality and usability of the website. We do not and will not sell or provide your personal details for commercial purposes. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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